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Zaha EyeDrop


Generic:              Azithromycin
Manufacturer:   Ajanta Pharma Ltd
Pack size:          1 Eye Drop/s, 12 Eye Drop/s, 3 Eye Drop/s, 6 Eye Drop/s    
Pharma Form:   Eye Drop
Strength:            0.01
Uses:                  Eye Care

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Categories: Eye Care
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Introduction to Zaha EyeDrop:

Zaha EyeDrop is an innovative eye care product created to bring relief to those suffering from dry eyes. The unique formula uses natural ingredients clinically proven to hydrate and soothe them; therefore it provides non-invasive relief to individuals suffering from allergies, computer use or environmental factors that cause dry eyes. Used multiple times daily it provides long-lasting relief without incurring cost or discomfort from traditional eye drops.

Benefits of Zaha EyeDrop:

Zaha EyeDrop can offer numerous advantages for those suffering from dry eyes. First and foremost, its natural ingredients offer a safe and effective means of hydrating and soothing the eyes, as well as relieving inflammation and discomfort associated with them. Furthermore, Zaha EyeDrop provides long-term effects so users can reap its rewards for several hours at a time; application directly onto eyes is simple too - perfect for busy lifestyles!

How to Use Zaha EyeDrop

Utilizing Zaha EyeDrop is straightforward. After washing your hands thoroughly and clearing away any makeup or debris from around your eye area, tilt back your head gently to pull down the lower eyelid and place one drop of Zaha EyeDrop into its canal for several seconds before closing your eye for five or ten seconds and wiping off excess liquid with a clean dry cloth as instructed on its package for optimal results.

Side Effects of Zaha EyeDrop

 As with all eye drops, Zaha EyeDrop may cause some side effects. Common reactions may include temporary stinging or burning in the eyes, redness, or irritation which should clear up quickly with medical intervention. Some individuals may also experience an allergic reaction due to ingredients found within its formula - in such an instance it is important to discontinue use immediately and consult a physician as soon as possible.

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