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Terapress 1 Mg


Generic:              Terazosin
Manufacturer:   Intas Pharmaceuticals Ltd
Pack size:          28 Tablet/s, 56 Tablet/s, 84 Tablet/s    
Pharma Form:   Tablet
Strength:            1 mg
Uses:                  Prostate Care

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Categories: Prostate Care
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One example of an alpha-blocker medicine is Terapress 1 mg, which is another name for Terazosin. Common uses include the treatment of high blood pressure (hypertension) and benign prostatic hyperplasia (BPH), an enlarged prostate gland that is not malignant. This article is designed to give a thorough overview of Terapress 1 mg, covering its uses, how it works, dose, possible side effects, and other important information. It focuses on how this medication can be used to manage cardiovascular and urological health.


The main use of terapress 1 mg is in the management of hypertension. It lowers blood pressure by easing smooth muscle contractions in the blood vessels, which in turn increases blood flow and decreases resistance. Reduce your risk of cardiovascular events, including heart attacks and strokes, with Terapress's hypertension-lowering effects.

Concerning benign prostatic hyperplasia, Terapress is also used to alleviate symptoms. Here, it aids in reducing tension in the prostate and bladder neck muscles, which in turn improves urine flow and alleviates symptoms like incontinence and urgency during peeing.

Mechanism of Action:

The therapeutic benefits of terapress 1 mg are achieved through the blockage of alpha-1 receptors, which are more specifically found in the prostate and the smooth muscles of blood vessels. Terapress relaxes the smooth muscles by blocking the norepinephrine neurotransmitter's activity on these receptors. This has two effects: first, it lowers blood pressure by widening blood vessels; second, it reduces symptoms of benign prostatic hyperplasia (BPH) in the prostate and bladder neck.


An individual's medical condition, treatment response, and other criteria are taken into consideration while determining the dosage of Terapress 1 mg. If you experience lightheadedness or fainting after taking the first dose, it is best to take it orally, preferably before bed. It is common practice to begin with a modest dose and, with a doctor's order, gradually raise it.

Patients are expected to diligently follow their healthcare provider's recommendations and take their medication exactly as prescribed. To determine how well the medicine is working, it is crucial to check blood pressure and symptoms frequently.

Potential Side Effects:

Although most people have no problems with using 1 mg of terapress, some may experience negative effects. Disorientation, vertigo, and lethargy are typical adverse reactions. You can lessen the severity of these symptoms, which are usually only transient, by getting up gently from a seated or lying-down position.

Severe adverse effects, such as a racing or irregular heartbeat, fainting, or edema of the feet and ankles, can happen in extremely rare instances. People who encounter serious or ongoing adverse effects should not hesitate to consult a doctor.

Considerations and precautions:

Individuals should advise their healthcare provider of any pre-existing illnesses, including low blood pressure, liver disease, or kidney disease, before beginning Terapress 1 mg. If you want to avoid dangerous drug interactions, you must tell your doctor about all the prescriptions you are taking, even the ones you can get without a prescription.

Medications for erectile dysfunction, phosphodiesterase-5 inhibitors, and other antihypertensive medications are among those that terapress could potentially interact with. It may be required to closely observe these cases and make modifications to the dosage as needed.




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