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Mederma Gel


Generic:              Extractum cepae / Heparin / Allantoin
Manufacturer:   Win-Medicare Pvt Ltd
Pack size:          3 Tube/s, 6 Tube/s, 9 Tube/s    
Pharma Form:   Gel
Strength:            N/A
Uses:                  Beauty & Skin Care

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What is Mederma Gel? 


Mederma Gel is a topical cosmetic product for skin that addresses scars caused by injury, surgery burns, or acne. Packed with essential ingredients designed to enhance the appearance, texture, and visibility of scars while building confidence with smoother skin,. 


Mederma Gel contains a proprietary mix of active ingredients, with allantoin being one of its key actives. Allantoin is well-known for its skin-soothing and moisturising effects, which help reduce the appearance of scar tissue appearance. In addition, Mederma Gel contains cepalin from onions, which contributes to its antioxidant and anti-inflammatory effects. 


Mederma Gel works by creating a protective layer over scars to lock in moisture while supporting natural skin healing processes, helping reduce scarring appearance while creating an even complexion. Indications for use: 


Indications and Use 


Frequently recommended, Mederma Gel minimizes surgical scars and restores smoother skin by diminishing their appearance and improving texture. 


Traumatic scars can result from injuries, accidents, and burns; Mederma Gel can help facilitate their healing while diminishing any visible indications of scarring. 


Acne Scars Mederma Gel offers an easy, non-greasy solution for improving the appearance of acne-related scars on the skin. 


Application and Usage 


For best results, apply Mederma Gel evenly over the scarred area at least once daily.  This formula is safe for all skin types and suitable for new and old scars alike, providing optimal results over an 8-week period of use. Benefits: 


Our gel-based formula reduces visible scarring and promotes smoother, more even skin. Our gel-based formula is non-greasy and lightweight for convenient daily skincare regimens without leaving behind an oily residue. 


Mederma Gel is designed to treat scars resulting from various sources, such as burns, surgeries, injuries, and acne. With just a once-daily application for seamless skincare routines. 


Precautions and Considerations 


However, users who have previously experienced reactions or sensitivities to its components should perform a patch test prior to starting treatment with Mederma Gel. 


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