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Cytomid 250 Mg


Generic:              Flutamide
Manufacturer:   Cipla Inc.
Pack size:          30 Tablet/s, 60 Tablet/s, 90 Tablet/s    
Pharma Form:   Tablet
Strength:            250 mg
Uses:                  Anti Cancer

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Categories: Anti Cancer
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What is Cytomid 250 mg?

Flutamide-containing Cytomid 250 mg is an oncology medication essential to the treatment of prostate cancer. As an anti-androgen, Cytomid plays an integral part of androgen deprivation therapy (ADT), functioning to limit testosterone's growth-fueling actions that fuel cancerous cell growth.

Active Ingredient 

Flutamide, the active ingredient of Cytomid 250 mg, belongs to a class of nonsteroidal anti-androgens known as competitive binding anti-androgens that work by competitively binding to androgen receptors and blocking their effects. This makes an impactful contribution in treating prostate cancer patients since androgens feed cancer cells by providing sustenance.



Indications and Treatment Options for Prostate Cancer

Cytomid 250 mg is intended primarily to be used as part of androgen deprivation therapy to treat advanced prostate cancer, specifically that which is hormone-sensitive and dependent upon androgens for progression. By interrupting this signalling pathway, Cytomid helps manage and slow its progress.


Androgen Deprivation Therapy (ADT)

 Androgen deprivation therapy is an integral component of advanced prostate cancer treatments, designed to lower androgens such as testosterone by either inhibiting their production or blocking their effects. Cytomid is one of many anti-androgens used as part of ADT, blocking receptors on androgen receptors and stopping stimulatory signals driving prostate cancer growth.

Combination Therapy

 Cytomid 250 mg may be combined with other medications or surgical castration to achieve comprehensive androgen suppression, manage prostate cancer effectively, and improve patient outcomes. This multifaceted approach has proven very successful at suppressing androgens and managing prostate cancer effectively.

Dosage and Administration of Cytomid 250 mg

Healthcare providers will determine an individual patient's dosage based on his or her condition and response to therapy. Usually taken orally, dosage will depend on your specific plan; adherence to prescribed amounts is key to reaching therapeutic outcomes.

Side effects and monitoring

During therapy, patients should promptly notify their healthcare providers if they experience any unusual symptoms or side effects, as Cytomid may cause gastrointestinal symptoms and liver function abnormalities that require regular monitoring. Patients should promptly notify their healthcare providers if they experience any unusual symptoms or side effects during their course of therapy.

Cautions and precautions

Individuals known to have an allergy to flutamide or any of its components should not be prescribed Cytomid. Furthermore, patients who already suffer from preexisting liver conditions should use it with extreme caution while monitoring liver function regularly throughout treatment.

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