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Cyclophil ME 50 Mg


Generic:              Cyclosporine
Manufacturer:   Biocon Ltd
Pack size:          30 Tablet/s, 60 Tablet/s, 90 Tablet/s    
Pharma Form:   Capsule
Strength:            50 Mg
Uses:                  Anti Rejection Drugs

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What is Cyclophil ME 50 Mg 

Cyclophil ME 50 Mg is an anti-infective medication prescribed to treat infections, inflammation and autoimmune diseases. The active ingredients, cyclosporine and methotrexate, work in tandem to decrease inflammation while suppressing immunity. Cyclosporine acts as a calcineurin inhibitor that blocks production of T-cells responsible for attacking foreign substances while Methotrexate acts as an immunosuppressant by blocking protein production essential for activating immune systems.

What Are the Advantages of Cyclophil ME 50 Mg?

Cyclophil ME 50 Mg is an effective combination of two active ingredients that work together to reduce inflammation and suppress immunity. This remedy may be useful for treating various conditions including infections, inflammations and autoimmune conditions with minimal side effects; plus it's taken once daily for added convenience for patients.

What Are the Side Effects of Cyclophil ME 50 Mg?

While Cyclophil ME 50 Mg is generally well tolerated, there may be side effects which include nausea, vomiting, headache, dizziness, diarrhea and rashes. Furthermore, liver damage, kidney damage and increased infection risks could occur as serious side effects. Patients should speak to their healthcare provider immediately if any adverse reactions or allergic reactions develop;

How Can I Take Cyclophil ME 50 mg?

Cyclophil ME 50 Mg should be taken in accordance with your doctor's orders. In general, it should be taken once daily either with or without food and at approximately the same time each day to maintain an even level of medication in your system. It's important not to miss any doses and not exceed what has been prescribed - this ensures effective care for both yourself and for others who might use Cyclophil ME.

What to Avoid While Taking Cyclophil ME 50 Mg 

Patients taking Cyclophil ME 50 Mg should refrain from drinking alcohol and taking medications without first consulting their physician. Furthermore, patients should stay away from anyone with an impaired immune system such as HIV or AIDS patients; furthermore they should refrain from live vaccines and receiving any blood products while taking this medication.

What Are the Possible Interactions With Cyclophil ME 50 Mg?

Cyclophil ME 50 Mg may interact with certain medications, including other immunosuppressants, antibiotics, antifungal treatments and non-steroidal anti-inflammatory agents as well as vitamins and herbal supplements; it should always be discussed with their healthcare provider or pharmacist prior to starting any new regimen while on Cyclophil ME 50 Mg therapy.

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