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Betavert 24 Mg


Generic:              Betahistine
Manufacturer:   Sun Pharmaceutical Industries Ltd
Pack size:          120 Tablet/s, 60 Tablet/s, 90 Tablet/s    
Pharma Form:   Tablet
Strength:            24 Mg
Uses:                  Gastro Health

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Categories: Gastro Health
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What Is Betavert 24 mg

Betavert 24 mg contains betahistine as its active ingredient and is frequently prescribed for treating vestibular disorders associated with vertigo and Meniere's disease. Additionally, this medication plays an integral part in alleviating inner ear disturbance symptoms that lead to balance problems and dizziness, helping improve balance while decreasing dizziness episodes.

Active Ingredient - Betahistine 

Betahistine, a histamine analog, acts both as an H1 receptor agonist and H3 receptor antagonist, with its primary mechanism of action believed to include increasing blood flow to the inner ear and impacting on vestibular system function.

Betavert 24 mg is designed primarily to treat vestibular disorders, including:

1. Meniere's Disease: Meniere's is an inner ear condition characterized by episodes of vertigo, hearing loss and tinnitus that recur often. Betahistine can help alleviate symptoms while decreasing frequency and intensity of vertigo attacks.

2. Vertigo of Vestibular Origin: Betavert can help treat vertigo caused by vestibular disorders, where inner-ear disturbances cause balance and coordination issues.

Mechanism of Action

Although its exact mechanism of action remains enigmatic, Betahistine appears to produce multiple effects:

1. Histamine Receptor Modulation: Betahistine acts as both an agonist and antagonist for H1 receptors, with its action increasing release of histamine from inner ear fluid. This may increase production.

2. Increased Blood Flow: Betahistine has been associated with vasodilation of inner ear blood vessels, leading to increased blood flow which could potentially aid in improving function and diminishing symptoms. This may help lead to improved functionality and reduced symptoms as a result.

Dosage and Administration

Healthcare providers determine the appropriate dosage of Betavert 24 mg based on individual patient response to treatment for their particular vestibular disorder and adherence to prescribed dose is key to realizing its therapeutic potential. Adherence must be strictly adhered to for maximum therapeutic effect.

Side Effects and Considerations

Though Betavert 24 mg is generally well tolerated, it may cause side effects. Common adverse reactions include nausea, stomach upset, and headache; any persistent or severe reactions should be reported immediately to their healthcare provider; overall the incidence of adverse reactions tends to be low.

Individualized Treatment and Consultation: The use of Betavert 24 mg is part of an individualized treatment plan developed by healthcare providers based on the specific vestibular condition. Regular communication with healthcare providers ensures proper monitoring of symptoms, adjustment of treatment if necessary, and consideration of any potential interactions with other medications.

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