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Aten 100 Mg


Generic:              Atenolol
Manufacturer:   Zydus Cadila Pharma
Pack size:          28 Tablet/s, 56 Tablet/s, 84 Tablet/s    
Pharma Form:   Tablet
Strength:            100 Mg
Uses:                  Heart & Blood Pressure

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What is Aten 100 Mg 

Aten 100 Mg is an antihypertensive medication prescribed to treat high blood pressure. The combination of amlodipine and atenolol makes up Aten 100 Mg; these two drugs work to relax blood vessels, thus decreasing pressure within arteries. Atenolol belongs to another class known as beta-blockers which work by decreasing forceful contraction of the heart to lower its heart rate and improve overall wellness.

Aten 100 Mg comes in tablet form and should be taken orally once daily, usually with food to avoid stomach upset. Common side effects may include dizziness, fatigue, headache and nausea - always consult your physician first if taking Aten 100 Mg to ensure its suitability for you.

Uses of Aten 100 Mg

Aten 100 Mg is most often prescribed to treat high blood pressure. Additionally, it may also help treat chest pain (angina) and increase survival after heart attacks or strokes. Furthermore, Aten 100 mg can also help protect people with high blood pressure, coronary artery disease or other conditions which increase risk for these events from future attacks or strokes.

Side Effects of Aten 100 Mg

Like any medication, Aten 100 Mg may cause side effects. Commonly reported adverse reactions include dizziness, fatigue, headache and nausea; less common but serious adverse reactions include constipation, diarrhea or stomach pain; rare but serious adverse reactions include allergic reaction or worsening chest pain. It's important to report any such side effects promptly to your healthcare provider if any arise.

Precautions When Taking Aten 100 Mg

Prior to taking Aten 100 Mg, it is essential that you inform your physician of any medical conditions that could impede how the medicine works, such as liver or kidney disease, asthma, diabetes or depression. Furthermore, inform them about any medications (over-the-counter or prescribed), vitamins or supplements you are currently taking as this could influence its efficacy.

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